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1980 Media Mogul Ted Turner launch american first news channel CNN HD, at the time it was the only news channel that telecast news around the clock. CNN-Breaking-NewsSince its launch CNN Live is knows for its breaking news and it was CNN USA that break the news of 9/11 incident. CNN online is knows as the leader in the News World. The Channel play a very effective role in Gulf war 1991, september 11 attacks. CNN telecast marathon transmission in 2008 and 2012 US Election. CNN HD live is also known for its talk shows especially on Politics.

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  • theDivaJOORist

    I cannot live without watching CNN ……….obviously! I have been visiting Nigeria for 2 weeks and I am constantly on this channel. This is life!!!!

  • mike petrowski

    How many errors in grammar can you find in the pinned post at the top of this page?

  • Sophie Turgeon

    I love CNN USA. But I can’t seem to get to a site where it is streaming it today. This is my favorite site to watch it , but it’s not working. I always get to CNN International. Anyone else has this problem?

  • bigbang

    CNN sucks